Before you buy a phone online

Before you purchase any phone online; make sure to check whether the phone is reported as lost or stolen in the country where you intend to use the phone. Phones that are reported lost/stolen in Australia, can not, under any circumstances, be used on any Australian carrier. The IMEI associated with the handset has been flagged as lost/stolen. This means that your phone is barred and can not make or take calls in Australia.

The second check that you need to conduct; is to find out whether this phone is locked to any carrier at all. This service is not free and you have to pay a small fee to access it. This service requires your unique IMEI number to query Apple databases and to retrieve for you the carrier status of this IMEI. Eventually, you will get complete details like the handset type, capacity, activation dates and most valuably – the lock status of the phone. A locked phone means that your phone is locked to one carrier and it will not accept any sim coming from alternative carrier. It is important to know to which carrier the phone is locked to; because unlocking fees ranges from $20AUD to $190AUD depending on the country and the carrier the phone is locked to.

The 3rd check that you must check, which is also a part of the previous check, is to find out whether the Apple product is in “Search mode”. Having the handset in this mode means the handset is lost/stolen and the owner is after it. These handsets can not be activated and can not be used at all. Thats including WIFI, 3G and 4G even the springboard in some cases.

Hence, a phone can be factory locked and barred the same time. You can not unbar/unblock it unless you are the owner of the handset, this has to be done through your carrier and its only you who can represent your self on this job.

If the IMEI is locked to one carrier; we offer you official iTunes permanent factory unlock service at your convenience. Its legal, official and money back guaranteed.

  1. Get the IMEI number
  2. Do a lost/stolen check
  3. Do an IMEI carrier check
  4. Proceed with unlock if necessary